Brainiac Logo Brainiac Logo is not for sale

We do use We understand that those who are not technically inclined nor in the know may not see that. That's ok. We don't think any less of those who don't know our personal business. is available for lease or licensing

For further information on any of these options, please email us.

1. You may lease the single page (entry point) at the rate of US$15000 per month. We would redirect that one page to the (non-brainiac) address of your choice. Email addresses at brainiac are available for US$50 each per month if you are leasing the main entry point.

2. You may lease sub-domains of brainiac (other than www) for US$5000 per month. You must host your own content: we merely point DNS at the IP of your choice. For US$500 per month additional you may handle all email to your sub-domain of brainiac. Individual email addresses at brainiac or at your sub-domain are available for US$50 each per month.

3. You may license all of, giving you the right to put all of your content at, including hosting the site itself. You would be required to maintain forwarding on certain email addresses and redirects on a small number of URL's, but none with names that should cause problems. The cost of licensing the entire site is a one-time fee of US$1,500,000 plus a monthly maintenance fee of $1500 which may be paid in advance annually.

Some questions and their answers

Q. Why is this so expensive?

A. To make my life simple.


Q. This is too expensive! Won't you bring the price down?

A. The price is not negotiable. Everyone has different ideas of expensive. If you feel this is too expensive, you are welcome to find a less expensive domain name.


Q. What restrictions would I have on what I can do with my sub-domain of brainiac?

A. We impose no restrictions, except that it must be legal, must not get us in legal problems, can't be for purposes of spamming, etc.


Q. Can I have an email address without paying all those fees?

A. No. That wouldn't be simple. (It doesn't scale.)


Q. I don't want to lease, I want to buy!
A: Leasing is a fairly standard business structure. In most contexts you can achieve most of the rights you'd like from purchase via lease, although you often have to enumerate what you want. If you really feel that leasing doesn't work for you and you don't have a credible argument for why, understand that I will wonder what you are up to.


Q. OK, I'm interested. What next?

A. Email jh at brainiac to get the ball rolling.

Thanks to jeff at purple for having already said what I've been trying to find the right words to say for years now.